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To apply for a place on a CPD training day or event, please fill in the form below. Please note HSE funded CPD is available to all podiatrists and chiropodists on the HSE approved list. You should contact your professional organisation for information on how to apply to be on this list.

Some events are free to attend once your place is confirmed and some events have a non-refundable booking fee. A link to pay the booking fee will be sent to you directly if one is required.

Please note, your place on the course/event is not confirmed until you have paid the booking fee and you have received an offer of a place from the CPD officer.

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We know how important your personal data is to you. In line with this, we have updated our existing Privacy Policy which is available online for you to read. By submitting your query via this form you understand that we will send the requested information to the email address provided above.

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