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​Hi all Podiatrists and Chiropodists ,

As we go through this extraordinary time , we are worried about paying rent/mortgages, keeping our kids busy and safe, keeping our mental health resilient and positive and calm, worried about our service users , worried about loosing people we love , Our clinics and business's, staff, The list of worries can go on .

Does anyone get that first feeling when you first open your eyes in the morning , that everything is ok for a second. Then it floods into you , the pictures from Italy, the fact we are living through history and our grandchildren will hear stories about this time and learn about it in school in years to come .

We are key workers here and have a very important role in keeping people out of admission and GP surgery's so they can deal with other things, promoting the messages from the HSE and WHO to our service users and perhaps upskilling into another area for a while. I am personally being upskilled next week and deployed somewhere while running the acute Diabetic foot clinic from the Hospital . 

As you can imagine, Lecture style cpd and conferences have come to a halt .

We had a super line up for 2020 but  it can be carried forward to a calmer time on our planet. For a while now , ive been hoping to get more online cpd out there , so this is the push ive needed to do it .

I'm asking  some of the 2020 speakers for online input and pay for view or free view .

Meetings/  online practical presentations  can be done via facetime and podcasts. We have a wealth of technology at our toe tips and i'm in touch with my savvy tech guys to learn what's the best to use. Any advise from tech savvy pods appreciated too.

So to CPD .  Just keeping in touch with evidenced based medicine and any systemic reviews out there is good. We have so many ways of keeping up to date without sitting in a lecture cpd format . If you do have any time on your hands, getting the coru cpd protocol out to start is a good one or doing a course you ve always wanted to do .

CPD is so flexible and all sorts of subjects can be linked to it. I'm doing the free coursera yale: science of wellbeing: at the moment online. Great to go to sleep with and full of evidenced ways to stay resilient and reasonably content .

I'm also doing TED Jedynaks  Foot mobilisation modules online  and writing my assignments on the train the trainer course .

E mailing collegues collectively and discussing new technology or new treatments or sharing a new paper to discuss are all cpd . Chatting to each other and staying in touch to support each other is so important .

Writing a few reflective pieces on current issues ? Journaling well proven to help our mental health so if you don't fancy doing a full cpd reflective piece, journal and you can reflect back on this time later .

Nicola O Brien , The  Lacuna course was a cpd day  we wont be holding this year. However if you look on her website , she has put all her courses online , lacuna and nail reconstruction. They are found on

Talk to her about flexi paying .

Sean savage and Paul Barret who had an amazing msk and gait analysis day lined up in June are working on a web video at the moment.

Martin Fox who was coming over for his renowned  lower limb vascular assessment day  said he has put some u tube videos out under "peripheral vascular disease made easy "

There are loads of pod podcasts out there now . Podiatry legends being a super one . Craig Paynes courses  are all online these days and ive attended one and it changed the way I practised and thought about biomechanics completely.

Ive never looked at a foot the same since !!.

Lorcan has podcasts out on private practice management .

Hseland have quite a number of online courses available now.

Bartold clinical .com has a mountain of evidenced msk / biomechanics/ sports papers and cpd on its site.

The primary care dermatological society for GPS have online cpd on dermoscopy and skin lesion diagnosis .

I ll blog weekly on any other sites etc or interesting articles that come up and I will endeavour to get some online learning on this page .

In the mean time take care, 


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