Introducing 2020 , Continual learning cpd days / eves/ hours.

​Dear Podiatrists ,

Has anyone ever had actual influenza?.  Not the, I have a cold, think its flu thing but the real Mc Coy??.

I'm just over the end of it and I can truly say , its a bit of a monster .  During my delirious stage, I was still thinking of cpd for 2020 and concerned as I hadn't put forward any self care / resilience/ self compassion days this year .

Our uptake as podiatrists  the  last few years for these "soft topics" have been lower than all our collegues in the health and social care professions and it did surprise me .

Maybe we all are super resilient with perfect mental health and none of us burn out or maybe its hard to admit we all need help in this area sometimes .

After 9 months of fractured leg and ankle and surgery ,  Ive moved house and relocated myself and children and work again just before the influenza ( sounds more dramatic than flu). 

Receiving support from podiatry collegues and friends was a real help to me and helped to pick me up when I needed it  through that year.

As a small group of podiatrists, we can offer each other so much support and mentorship and guidance and kindness.

2020 is potentially an exciting year of change and hope and a huge move forward for our fascinating profession .

Lets look after each other .


2020 lifelong learning for podiatrists
Non Clinical Conference. Its nearly here !!

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