special interest groups

Dear Podiatry colleagues.

 I am looking for some curious, passionate forward thinking colleagues to lead and be part of setting up some Podiatry Special interest groups in Ireland .

Please consider the time involved and the energy required to keep such a group running and active .  As with all groups like this, the more admin participants pushing it and keeping it active the better.  It needs to be about the subject not  one or two named individuals as it will inevitably burn out if that is the case.

Im thinking , private practice one, Diabetes, Vascular, Rheumatoid, research, Older adult, orthopaedic/BIO , Podopaediatrics??

E mail me please if you are seriously interested . I can link people together and support set up in any way I can.

SIG are groups where like minded people meet / communicate and cooperate with each other for the greater purpose within their field.

Emily Haworth 2019

What else do Special interest groups do :::

identify training needs.

Highlight priority areas.

Gain CPD points for coru.

Advances specific learning areas.

Supports like minded collegues/ Social contact / Non clinical social events.

Drives research .

Advances the profession .

Diabetic foot / Vascular Group

Orthopaedic / Biomechanical Group

Research and Evidenced based medicine group

Compassion Fatigue cpd . 7th June in Galway
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